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Caddy Ignition Woes

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Example: Circuit 5199 (under driver sill plate) with damage and corrosion.

This bulletin applies to 2015-2019 Cadillac Escalade vehicles. Some owners may comment about a no-crank or a start followed by an immediate stall. The SES MIL may not be on when the ignition is in the Run position. Any of the following DTCs may be set: B1370, B1325, P0650, P263A, P263B, P0513, P129D, P2535, and/or P0262B.

Trucks equipped with 4WD may have a Service 4WD message and DTCs C0364 and/or U0403 set. The sound of a relay clicking may be heard while driving. The rearview camera may be inoperative when the transmission is shifted into reverse. The engine may stay running with the ignition off until a door is opened.

Note: This symptom is not caused by a loss of ignition 1 voltage, but a loss of ground to the ignition main relay. There are two KR73 ignition main relays, one located in the underhood fuse block X50A, and the other in the left I/P fuse block X51L, that both provide power to several different fuses.  

A loss of ignition 1 voltage may be caused by either or both KR73 ignition main relays not turning on to provide power to their respective fuses; or terminal issues at a fuse block connector where the ignition 1 circuits exit at the fuse block, In these issues, the KR73 ignition main relays are turning on and providing power to their respective fuses, but there will be no ignition 1 power to their respective modules/components due to terminal issues at the fuse block.

Inspect all underhood fuse block X50A connectors for any backed-out terminals, poor terminal fit and/or bent/twisted terminals. The most common terminals with these issues have been terminal M5 at connector X4, for circuit 5199; and terminal M7, A2 or A3 at connector X2 for circuit 439.

Inspect  fuse block X51L for backed out terminals, poor terminal fit and bent/twisted terminals. The most common terminals with these issues have been: Terminal 42 at connector X1 for circuit 5199 and terminal 44 at connector X2 for circuit 1850.

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